Selling Hard Drives Online

The internet offers a myriad of ways in which you can make money. People earn money by selling their products, ideas and knowledge. You can be an online transcriptionist, blogger, and many other things that you can think of. In case you are not one of these, you still have the chance and place to make money online. Think of those people who sell their old or unused items such as clothes. Talk of unused items; you can sell your unused computer hard drives too. Some people need those.

Why sell your computer hard disk?

You can sell your computer hard disk if, for example, you have a couple of them that you do not use. You may be stuck and need quick cash to supplement your needs or you may be having one that doesn’t suit your needs. If you’re at such a point where you need to trade it online and do not know exactly where to sell, here are some of the best sites to do this.


For over 16 years now, DICI has been among the world’s leading facilities for recertification of hard drives.  The company has been offering hard disk tests to know a hard disk’s lifespan. Once any faulty parts have been identified, DICI LLC repairs and makes them stable and usable again. Here you can sell both your working and spoilt drives from 40gbs.

Micro – Star Hard Drive

This company purchases not only hard disks but also other computer parts. It is found in the heart of Tampa, Florida. Micro-star hard drive will give you a fair price for your hard earned computer accessories. Worry not because the company buys accessories from a wide range of manufacturers.

Exit technologies

Do you want to dispose of your hard disk? Do it in the right and beneficial way to your pocket. Call, email or chat with their round-the-clock support to get an estimate. Give them the model number or specification on the computer. They will then give you special boxes for you to package and ship the consignment then wait at most seven days for the company check upon approval.

SECURE Data Eradication & IT Asset Disposition

This company accepts hard drives of sizes 500 to 10 terabytes. The website has been in operation for over 40 years and will recycle your used hard disks before selling them.

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